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Delphine Gauthier-Guiche, Horn Freiburger Tusch der Woche 10. Januar 2018

In 2018 the Festival Mehrklang celebrates its 10th anniversary in Freiburg. They imagined a project in which each Wednesday morning at 11am one musician, stationed on the Wentzinger Haus‘ balcony, shall play 5 minutes of whatever music (s)he likes. The palace was built during the 18th century in front of the Cathedral. It now harbors the History Museum of Freiburg.

So. On Wednesday 10th of January,  immediately after 11 had struck at the Cathedral, I appeared on the mentioned balcony and began to interpret „Lune de Sang“ composed by Jean-Louis Florentz in the 80ies. This is a very melodious piece for solo horn, alternating stopped and open sounds, with a touch of Debussy in it.

Because it was the project’s opening, I got the great honor to be filmed and photographed by a TV crew. They should broadcast one or two minutes of the event on the „SWR Landesschau“ on the coming Monday (15th).

My audience consisted of a few friends, the journalists… and people who were there per chance, shopping at the Münstermarkt or visiting the Cathedral. Especially there was a group a children who really enjoyed the show!

I loved the acoustics, felt somehow disconcerted by the TV camera so close to my face, made mistakes of course, AND had a lot of fun.

My precious friend Thierry A. made this video with my pocket camera. He was obviously shaking more than I… 😉

Anyway I don’t pretend to offer a high sound and image quality. Please take that document as a nice moment’s trace!